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My Revolutionary Tributes to Comrade Madhu

Comrade Madhu was born into a traditional family in Nizam State (Telangana) and evolved into a warrior on the side […]

Revolutionary Salute to Comrade Madhu, Central Committee Member of CPI (ML), and Editor of Central Organ ‘Class Struggle’

I regret to inform that Comrade Madhu became a martyr today at 4.30 A.M. finally with a heart attack. […]


Right from the era of CPI and CPM, Com. Madhu started his Revolutionary life as a Student’s Union member, activist […]

Red Salutes to Comrade Madhu

Comrade Madhu, a member of the Central Executive Committee of CPI (ML) and the editor of  […]

Condolences to Comrade Madhu

Homage to Com. Madhu, CC Member of CPI (ML) […]

Red Salutes to Com. Madhu

Condolences of many Comrades […]

Last Journey of Comrade Madhu

Funeral procession of Comrade Madhu, Central Committee Member, CPI (ML) and Editor of Central Organ, Class Struggle was held […]

Students against Privatisation of Visakha Steel Plant

Visakha Steel Plant (VSP) is a PSU which was achieved with a prolonged struggle in unison of people with the […]

442 Kms. Paidal March

Basavakalyan to Bellary 442 km, 19 days paidal march concluded on 23-03-2021, the day, the great Patriotic […]

Let’s Salute the Four Kayyur Young Kisan Comrades

The heroic saga of the Kayyur martyrs is part and parcel of the revolutionary, anti-imperialist movement […]

Fire Cracker Industry of Sivakasi

Tamil Nadu’s fireworks industry at Sivakasi is a famous fire cracker industry in our country. To say […]

The Plight of App-Based Cabbies

With the spreading of GIG economy in our country, the number of app-based platform workers has increased […]