Monthly Archive:: March 2019

Call to the People by CPI (ML) – Reject BJP and Its’ Allies! Expose Other Ruling Class Parties! Struggle for the Resolution of Basic Problems! SSupport the Communist Revolutionary, Left and Democratic Forces!

The Elections to Lok Sabha are going to be held in a month. The political atmosphere has already been surcharged […]

Condemn the terrorist attack at Pulwama!

CPI (ML) expresses its shock and sadness by the loss of lives of 44 CRPF personnel in a militant attack […]

DDenmark Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark – APK The Working Class and Labour Aristocracy in Denmark Today- By Dorte Grena

Reformists and revisionists agree with the bourgeoisie and well-paid bourgeois scientists that the working class is heading for extinction, and […]

Homage to Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen was born in Faridpur district, East Bengal. Rudolf Arnheim’s “Film as Art”, a book on film aesthetics, created […]

Now They are Coming to Hunt Venezuela

The last week of January saw an unprecedented move in the Latin American country, Venezuela. The leader of (Suspended) Parliament […]

US Crimes against Humanity cannot be Condoned

On Jan’ 23, 2019, the CIA Director Gina Hospel has issued a posthumous apology to the family of Osama bin […]

Afghanistan- Peace Talks to Dupe the People

The US’s envoy to Afghanistan announced the drafting of a ‘framework’ for the peace agreement on 28 January 2019. According […]

Reservations for EWS: Myth called Creation of Job and Educational Opportunities

In the dying moments of winter session of the Parliament, the Narendra Modi government moved 124th constitutional amendment to reserve […]

Karl Marx’s grave vandalized

The tomb of Karl Marx at London’s Highgate cemetery has been vandalized in a targeted attack that means the Grade-1 […]

Stop Evicting Adivasis from thier habitat

The Supreme Court has ordered the forced eviction of more than one million Adivasi and other forest-dwelling households from forest […]

George Mathew Fernandes

Born on 3 June 1930 in Mangalore, Fernandes was sent to Bangalore in 1946 to be trained as a priest. […]

CRZ Rules – 2018: Favour to Capitalists at the Cost of Fishing Communities

Through these new rules, the No Development Zone (NDZ) along the tidal-influenced water bodies has been reduced from 100 meters […]