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Karnataka Farmers Agitation to Write-off Debts

Karnataka Gramin Bank has trapped farmers in huge debts

The Struggles of Himachal Pradesh Apple Orchard Growers

On Wednesday, 20 July 2022, apple orchard..

Jo Zameen Sarkari Hai ! O Zameen Hamari Hai!

Call of AIKMKS Rohatas District, Bihar

Bengal’s Violent Politics of Area Domination

As smoke from houses set on fire continues to rise, villagers….

Agitation against Kerala Silver Line

In Kerala, the agitation against the….

Meeting on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of his last the Martyrdom of Mushahari Kisan Andolan Leaders

On the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of Mushahari Kisan…

Recent Farmers’ Movement in Punjab : Organisation, Stages of Mobilisation and Achievements

This article is the Vth Chapter Summing up part of the big article by Dr. Sucha Singh Gill, Rtd. Professor […]

Brutal Attacks by Police on the Villagers of Dhinkia

Fact Finding Team of PUCL, Odisha Condems

International Human Rights Day in Patna

On 10th December under the banner of Bihar PUCL

Identify the Conspiracy of RSS and SDPI Reactionary Forces

Identify the Conspiracy of RSS and SDPI Reactionary Forces

Southern States Seminar on The River Water Police of the Rulers

South India level seminar was held on “Water Policies of the Rulers…

“News Letter” of ILPS

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