Monthly Archive:: March 2016

Fight the Design of Communalization of Universities by Communal Forces

For the last four or five years, the students and youth are increasingly coming to the forefront of many struggles,..[…]

Russia : Anti – Imperialist Angel of Peace or Capitalist – Imperialist Great Power?

..there have been completely different evaluations of the policy of Russia and the character of Russia today.[…]

Homage to Com. A.B.Bardhan

The veteran communist leader, former General Secretary of Communist party of India,….., Comrade Ardhendu Bushan Bardhan,.[…]

Condemn Fascist Attacks on Students of JNU

The Central Committee of CPI(ML) condemns in the strongest terms the police raid upon student hostels in Jawaharlal Nehru University..[..]

WTO Meet at Nairobi :A Lie has been Left to Die

..The essence of the final communique is that the 14-year old Doha development Agenda (DDA) of the Doha round ministerial […]

Paris Climate Conference : Wanton Failure to Prevent Climate Change

The global climate conference held in Paris ended with the approval of an agreement that commits none of 196 signatory […]

Un-Ending woes of the Workers:Horrifying Conditions of Indian Migrant Workers in West Asia

Around 8 million Indians live in the Gulf region. Many of these workers are leaving behind impoverished lives .[…]

Agitations of the workers Around the World

30 thousand coal mine workers in S. Africa demanding rise in their wages went in to strike.[..]

Communal Violence in 2015 – Rise in Hatred and Polarization

Communal violence, polarization of communities and the institutionalization of hatred it results in; have emerged as most the prominent threats […]

“SEZs Have not Achieved any of the Declared Objectives”

It was noticed that in the selected 117 Developers/Unit in 12 States the actual employment (2,84,785) vis à vis the […]

Report from AP:Dividing the People on the Issue of Reservations

The ruling classes in Andhra Pradesh again resorted to divide the people on caste lines so that they can continue […]

The Death of Rohit Vemula is a Murder Committed by the Hindu Communal Forces

Continuation of consistent progressive student movements and dedication for the people will be the real tribute to Rohit..[..]