Monthly Archive:: January 2016

Distress of Peasants – Apathy of Government

The NSSO has come out with data indicating that 70 per cent of the peasants are in distress due to […]

BLAIR’s Apology cannot cheat people

Here is Toney Blair-once the British Prime Minister and the main accomplice in unleashing the war of invasion against Iraq […]

UN Resolution On Syria : Imperialist Rivalry Escalates the Civil War

The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a draft resolution setting out time table for ending the five year civil […]

Condemn Indian Intervention in the Internal Affairs of Nepal

For over three months now, the border crossing of India with Nepal at Raxaul and Birguni has been blocked. This […]

Exercise to Evade Main Question

Kashmir continues to be in turmoil. The Indian rulers had spent best of their energies and time in using the […]

Another Abuse of Sedition Law by the State

Sedition law was drafted and implemented by the British colonial government when India was a colonised country. Even after 68 […]

Chennai’s Deluge – The Man Made Disaster

The worst deluge consequent to a record rainfall has submerged large parts Chennai city, dividing Chennai in to several little […]

Pick-Pocketing the Common man in the Name of Swachh Bharat

..Thus despite its lofty and tall proclamations and rhetoric about the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission, the Modi government had cunningly transferred […]

Bhopal Gas Victims Betrayed!

30 years have elapsed since the worst industrial disaster at Bhopal, Union Carbide factory occurred killing 10,000 people instantly and […]


The Plight of Abandoned Tea Garden Workers in West Bengal > But neither the fame of Darjeeling tea nor the […]

Jute Mill Workers in A.P. in Distress

The managements of jute mills in A.P., having been playing havoc with the lives of their workers, through various foul […]

The Pathetic Conditions of the Former Maruti-Suzuki Workers for Survival

..But when we look in to the lives of its former workers who were dismissed from their jobs after the […]