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Indian Communist Revolutionary Movement – Some Lessons – Viswam

Marxism spread into many countries…

Discussion in the Meeting with the Creative Intellectuals (1946) -J.V.Stalin

Stalin: What do you want to tell me Comrade Fadeyev?

Forward to a United Party

Manifesto of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India on PARTY UNITY…

What does “Freedom of Criticism” Mean !

What is to be Done ? – V.I.Lenin

Perspectives of the Chinese Revolution

The major facts which determine the character of the Chinese Revolution are:

Conference of the Workers and Peasants Party of India

Review report of the All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (AIWPP) formed in 1928. The ‘Class Struggle’ republishes it for […]

All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party Political Resolution

This Resolution was presented to All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (AIWPP) formation in 1928. The ‘Class Struggle’ republishes it […]

Anti-Communism Ultra-Reactionary Ideology of Modern Imperialism

This article was written by A.M.Rumyanstev published in ‘New Age’, October-1962. We reproduce it for study…

Remembering Karl Marx on the Day of His 203rd Death Anniversary FREDERIC ENGELS SPEECH AT THE GRAVESIDE OF KARL MARX

On the 14th of March, (1883) at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to […]


One of Turgenev’s characters thus adapted a verse of the great German poet: Wer den Feind will versteh’n Muss im […]