Monthly Archive:: November 2019

Condemn and Oppose the Onslaght on Kashmir People

It is already 40 days since Kashmir people were totally cut off from the rest of India and inside Kashmir.[…]


An Interview with Tufail Abbas of the Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz

Comrade Tufail Abbas, one of the first leaders of Communist Party of Pakistan passed away in Karachi on 8 August […]

Late Imperialism-II

By John Bellamy Foster..continued from the last issue..[..]

30 Days Strike of Ordinance Factory Workers

Opposing this anti-national decision of privatising (corporatisation) of ordinance factories of our country 82,000 workers and employees of 41 ordinance […]

Obituary: Red Salutes to Com, N.Swamy Rao and E. Ramanna Goud

Comrade N.Swmy Rao member of Telangana State Committee of C.P.I (M-L) and E.Ramanna Goud a veteran comrade passed away. He […]

The Modern-Day Child Slavery

…The rural poor are forced to mortgage their children for labour…such children mortgaged occurred in Banswara and Pratapgarh of Rajasthan.[..]

BJP-NDA Government for an out and out authoritarian rule!

But instead of tackling these shameful conditions and bettering the overall conditions of the people and their welfare, the B.J.P-NDA […]

Ford Workers Are Fighting In Gujarat

On 20th June 2019, a Ford India worker in Sanand, Gujarat was sacked. In the last year, the workers of […]

Unlawful grabbing of forest lands by Baba Ramdev

The Patanjali group of companies founded by the ‘yoga guru’ Baba Ramdev…had unlawfully acquired more than 400 acres of forested […]

Justice Stifled

The entire country is aghast over the acquittal of all the six accused in the Pehlu Khan lynching case.[…]

Death Blow to Adivasis and Forest Dwellers Disguised as Conservation

Very recently Prime Minister Modi released the latest tiger population numbers….[..]