Monthly Archive:: September 2019

17th Lok Sabha Elections Reflected the Conspiratorial Politics of Ruling Classes, Particularly those of BJP

Resolution adopted by the CC of CPI (ML) June,2019.[..]

NATO Ally Status – A Noose around India’s Neck

In the last week of June, 2019,the US Senate has adopted a “National Authorization Bill-2020”which accords India the status of […]

Kashmir : Shadow Boxing will Not Help

The Union Home Minister Amit Shaw had a two day  visit to Kashmir in the last week of June 2019. […]

Late Imperialism – By John Ballamy Foster

The article reproduced here is from the MONTHLY REVIEW, July – August, 2019 issue. It critically analyses and rejects various […]

The Plight of women Workers!

The women workers in textile and garment industry in Bangalore, Karnataka, In Tamilnadu, in AP in BRANDIX Company at Visakhapatnam […]

Red Salute to Com. Santosh Rana

Com. Santosh Rana, a veteran Communist Revolutionary has breathed his last on June 29TH 2019 in Kolkata ..[..]

Red Salute to Com. Brahmanda Malik

On May 4TH ,2019, Com Brahamanda Malik a veteran Communist and member of Odisha State Committee of CPI (ML) has […]

Red Salute to Arunodaya Rama Rao

Com, Rama Rao popularly known as “Arunodaya Rama Rao” had departed on May 5TH, 2019 in Hyderabad..[..]

The Onslaught of PEPSICO on the Farmer’s Rights – An Imminent Challenge to the Sovereignty of our Country

The recent episode of Pepsico India…dragging 4 petty potato farmers of Gujarat to court for allegedly growing  its registered potato […]

Pakistan Deep in a Debt Trap

The Pakistan people widely believe that the rulers in Pakistan are subservient to imperialism and are dictated by the IMF […]

Srilanka : Struggle Against US Domination Continues

..While the Srilankan Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe is busy in negotitiating several agreements with US, the Srilankan President Sirisena has […]

Every 10th Adivasi of Jharkhand’s Pathalgadi Area Charged with Sedition!

Representatives of several people’s  from across Jharkahand gathered Raj Bhavan to protest against the severe violations of Constitutional Rights […]