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National Monetization Pipeline – Intensifying Privatisation

As Com. TN pointed out, “the imperialists adopt every means to preserve colonial exploitation of the people of the

The Aggression of Exploiting Class can be Challenged with the United Agitation of Various Forces!!

The Bharat Bandh decision was taken at a national conference held at Delhi’s Singhu Border last month under

Modi Unmasked himself in USA

Little could both ex-President Donald Trump and the present President Joe Biden think when under

Transfer of Infrastructure Assets to Monopoly Capital with the Neo-Liberal Tool of ‘Asset-Monetization’

‘Creation through Monetization’, the theoretical slogan for the monetization of revenue

Stop Railway Privatisation–Save Nation

Railways are the most important means of the public transport system. Indian Railway

The Central Government is Grabbing Minor Ports for its Corporate Allies through “Indian Ports Bill 2021”

According to the existing Indian Ports Act 1908, Minor Ports are under the control

Bourgeois Democracy or Military Dictatorship in Myanmar?

The people of Myanmar are currently defying military dictatorship. People, workers, and student leaders protested on the roads

Discontent in South Africa the Past and the Present

The arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma in July brought people on to roads once again even going […]

Perspectives of the Chinese Revolution

The major facts which determine the character of the Chinese Revolution are:

Conference of the Workers and Peasants Party of India

Review report of the All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (AIWPP) formed in 1928. The ‘Class Struggle’ republishes it for […]

People of Kerala Protest against Silver Line – High Speed Railway Line Project

Kerala state government claims the new high-speed railway line will reduce time between Thiruvanantha-puram to Kasargod districts and will

Economic Crisis of Andhra Pradesh – Debts, Mortgaging and Selling

Andhra Pradesh is mired in financial crisis. It is constantly on the lookout for debts. Monthly on average without loans […]