Elections to Five State Assemblies

All are anxiously waiting for the results of elections in five states- Rajasthan….

Resolutions of CPI(ML) Central Committee Oppose Zionist Attack on Palestine

The CC of the CPI (ML) along with all the…

Resolutions of CPI(ML) Central Committee On Caste Census

In India caste is a unique…

Understanding the Current Economic Inequalities in India by Analysing Changes in Inequality in India Since Independence

(Talk by Prof. Vamsi Vakulabharanam in a memorial meeting of  Comrade Tarimela Nagi Reddy at Vijayawada, July 30th, 2023)

Crisis of Palestine—Expansionist Role of USA – Kannan

“Gaza has become a burial ground for infants…

Agenda of the Exploiting Class: Push for 70 Hours Work-Week, Convert it into Surplus Value – Prathap

Recently, an Indian industrialist suggested..

A More than 50 Years Journey Overcoming Many Obstacles

The Kondamodalu Tribal Movement…

The Neo-Liberal Capitalism and its Lackeys are Attempting to Renege the Standard Eight Hour Working Day! -Komarayya

The standard eight-hour working day established…

Shouting at the Wall – MC Abdul

We expect the bombs, not knowing where next

A Nationwide Protest Dharnas against Exploitation of Ruling Governments

Oust Modi from Office has Resonated in every State

Peasants’ Rage over Sudden Cessation of Irrigation Water Supplies – Ballari Bandh Successful

The Ballari district, bordering A.P, is located in…

“Save Constitution-Save Democracy” Dharna, Jamshedpur

A massive Dharna was..