Situation after US Imperialist Army’s Retreat and Taliban Taking Control of the Country

The American retreat from Afghanistan has once more proved….

August 9-World Tribal and Indigenous People’s Day- Rampant Violations of Tribal Rights in Telangana

The celebrations of World Tribal and Indigenous People’s Day were yet to start…

Pre-Mature De-Industrialisation – Oppression on Indian Economy

It is agreeable to entire ruling class that the…

Assam Mizoram Dispute

In North Eastern States of India the ethnic tensions persisted for several decades. But the violent…

Right to Repair Movement of the People against the Designed to Die Strategy of the Capitalists

Over production and crises are inherent characteristics of capitalist mode of production….

Unending River Water Disputes – Whether River Water Subject is being Transferred from State List to Central List Indirectly?

Nationalist Congress party chief….

Banks Privatisation – Exposing the Ruling Class Policies

In 1969 government had nationalized the major private banks in India….

All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party Political Resolution

This Resolution was presented to All India Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (AIWPP) formation in 1928. The ‘Class Struggle’ republishes it […]

Anti-Communism Ultra-Reactionary Ideology of Modern Imperialism

This article was written by A.M.Rumyanstev published in ‘New Age’, October-1962. We reproduce it for study…

Fishermen Warn that Ports will be Blocked if Parliament Passes the IMF Bill

Under pressure from the World Trade Organization (WTO), the central government recently drafted the Indian Marine Fisheries…

Samyukt Kisan Morcha Resolution

This Convention, having discussed and considered (1) the impact of the 3 pro Corporate…

Afghanistan is One of the Never Ending Embers in South Central Asia

The Incessant Struggle for Supremacy of the Superpowers