Nationwide Demonstrations take Place against French President Emmanuel Macron’s Plan to Push the Retirement Age from 62 to 64

France’s President Emmanuel Macron faces more nationwide protests on Monday (01/05/23) as he seeks….

Workers and Toilers! Conduct May Day with Highest Consciousness and Wakefulness : the Caution of ‘May Day’ of Present Times

May Day is not Merely a Day of Festivity! It is a Day of Fight and Struggle!! It is a […]

Workers of All Countries shall Pledge to Fight out Imperialism, on the Occasion of 138th May Day! – Viraji

The Workers of all countries throughout the…

Reversal of Land Reforms and Land to Tiller Remains a Distant Dream – Dr. Soma Marla

In India land ownership is crucial for the livelihood..

Higher Education in India in the Grip of Monopoly Capital – Highest Level of Unemployment Crisis -Prof. Thota Jyothi Rani

The National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 is one…

Women Wrestlers Struggle for Justice

Women wrestlers have been on…

Communist Manifesto :Written by Marx and Engels its Relevance in the Present Age – Parimal Dasgupta

Whole history of mankind (since dissoluti…

The Proletarian Class and the Proletarian Party

The time when people boldly proclaimed “Russia,…

People of Sudan Caught in between the Raging Battle of Military Generals!

From April 15th a fight between the para-military…

2023 Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka : Farmers’ Charter of Demands

Joint Charter of Samyukta Kisan Morcha and 14 All Farmers’ and Agricultural Workers’ Organisations of Karnataka.

Let’s Fight against the Privatisation Policies of the Rulers Collectively with the Spirit of Visakha Steel Plant Workers Struggle!

Let’s Fight against the Privatisation Policies..

Chasi Mulia Sangh, Odisha Demands

In the context of upholding the…