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World Wide Protest against Exploiters

Marx ‘s call 155 years ago is relevant even today….

Delhi can’t Usurp Irrigation Projects of States – Prof. Sridhar Acharyulu

The Gazette Notification by Union Minister for Jalashakti

mperialists are Criminals – Now in Ukraine

The war against Ukraine by Russia has The war against Ukraine by Russia has….

Sanctions Farce: The US’ Move to Steal the Afghan People’s Money

The Biden administration’s decision to freeze $ 7 ..

“All We are Saying is give Peace a Chance”

Serbian Football Fans List U.S., NATO Interventions with Banners

Protest of Truckers in Canada against Vaccine Mandates!

From January 22 thousands of Canadians truckers and …

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka – Some Facts

The economic crisis of our neighbouring country,….

Unrest in Kazakhstan

In the first week of January 2022, unrest gripped Central Asian…

A Blow to the Fascist Rule in Chile!

By electing Gabriel Boric in the presidential elections as the president of their country…

Clippings:- Report Flags ‘Flawed’ US Airstrikes in West Asia

Newly obtained Pentagon documents show that the…

The Situation of the People of Nepal has not Changed under Monarchy and Bourgeois Democracy

Nepal’s Ruling Classes Fight in Power Struggle

Dangerous Death Traps of the Imperialists: The ‘AUKUS’ and ‘QUAD’

In spite of receiving deathblows from several countries of the world,