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Bourgeois Democracy or Military Dictatorship in Myanmar?

The people of Myanmar are currently defying military dictatorship. People, workers, and student leaders protested on the roads

Discontent in South Africa the Past and the Present

The arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma in July brought people on to roads once again even going […]

Afghanistan is One of the Never Ending Embers in South Central Asia

The Incessant Struggle for Supremacy of the Superpowers

Cuba is Witnessing the True Face of Imperialist and Capitalist Policies

Cuba is an island state in the Caribbean Sea near the United States.

Assassination of President of Haiti

The July 7th assassination of the President of Haiti was

G7’s Imperialist Plan can’t Defeat BRI – Ding Gang

The G7 summit announced that it will start a “Build Back Better World” global infrastructure plan, aiming to help

NATO vs China

The Annual summit of North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) took place on 14th June 2021 in Brussels

G7 Summit 2021

G7 Leaders are Committed on Global Health, Minimum Global Tax, Build Back Better World Project, Tracking the Rise of China […]

America, Amazon and Unionization

For nearly the entirety of the past year, amid a deadly pandemic, warehouse workers and organizers […]

The Global Plight of Refugees

According the latest report by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, more than 1 percent of humanity–some 79.5 million […]

US Imperialism Where Life is subordinated to Profit

The US President’s cynical approach towards early imposition of lockdown and then push for rapid reopening of the economy, while […]

Great Britain: Corona Virus Act 2020 – Sharpening the Fangs of Suppression

The Corona virus Act 2020 received royal assent on March 25 with the declared objective of “to make provision in […]