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America, Amazon and Unionization

For nearly the entirety of the past year, amid a deadly pandemic, warehouse workers and organizers […]

The Global Plight of Refugees

According the latest report by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, more than 1 percent of humanity–some 79.5 million […]

US Imperialism Where Life is subordinated to Profit

The US President’s cynical approach towards early imposition of lockdown and then push for rapid reopening of the economy, while […]

Great Britain: Corona Virus Act 2020 – Sharpening the Fangs of Suppression

The Corona virus Act 2020 received royal assent on March 25 with the declared objective of “to make provision in […]

Express Solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian People!

Rejecting the overwhelming opposition from the international community, bolstered by  the lone US support, sending the 2334 UN Security Resolution […]

Why They Killed Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba was a radical leader of the Congolese independence movement who resisted Belgian colonialism and corporate interests.[…]

An open letter from doctors Julian Assange “could die in prison”

The following letter was authored by more than 65 eminent medical doctors from the UK and around the world, calling […]

Palestina :People cannot be cheated by Trump’s Peace Plan

Throwing all the interim agreements into the dust bin and making mockery of the ongoing negotiations between the representatives of […]

NATO: Contention and Collusion

The French President Emanuel Macron in an interview with The Economist given in the first week of November last said: […]

Urban Farming : Cuba’s Response to Climate-Driven Food Crises

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, most of Cuba’s food supplies went with it. To stave off severe […]

US-backed Coup in Bolivia

South America’s most impoverished country; Bolivia is on the verge of a civil war in the wake of US-backed coup…[..]

Bolivia’s Free Territory of Chapare has ousted the coup regime and is bracing for a bloody re-invasion

Known as Bolivia’s Chapare region, the Tropico of Cochabamba is a sanctuary for elected President Evo Morales’ most dedicated base […]