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Decades of Crisis and Conflict in Myanmar

Myanmar has once again been the talk…

US President and the Democratic Party are Provoking Tensions between China and Taiwan

President Joe Biden of US, who is not…

Hands off to the Communists and the Working Class

n Venezuela for the past few months there ar…

Revolutionary Tributes to Comrade D.V.Krishna

CPI (ML) Praja Pandha Telangana State Secretary, senior revoluti…

Bangladesh’s Economic Crisis – World Bank’s ‘Greener Economy’ – Solution to South Asian Countries

There have been reports of growing cr….

The 14th BRICS Summit and its Objectives

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as BRICS – are holding their 14th annual….

NATO Summit 2022

The NATO summit 2022 was held in Madrid, Spain, on 28–30 ….

48th G7 Summit

G7 Launches $600bn Infrastructure Plan to Counter China…

Tug of War between USA and China for World Hegemony

After disntegration of USSR, USA remained as the single super-power in the world…

World Wide Protest against Exploiters

Marx ‘s call 155 years ago is relevant even today….

Delhi can’t Usurp Irrigation Projects of States – Prof. Sridhar Acharyulu

The Gazette Notification by Union Minister for Jalashakti

mperialists are Criminals – Now in Ukraine

The war against Ukraine by Russia has The war against Ukraine by Russia has….