Monthly Archive:: September 2019

Justice – A Plaything in the Hands of Rulers and Ruling Parties!>

…The rulers would put the laws into vogue in a selective and differentiated manner where the innocent people are harassed […]

Walmart Corporation Resorts to Unethical Practices to Expand

Walmart , It not only exploits the labour power of its workers in various methods, deceives its  suppliers in different […]

The Peril or G.M. Foods

..In our country G.M. food cultivation is banned..and that there is no permission for cultivation of G.M foods or selling […]

Workers shall Protect their Rights against exploitation through a Strong, United Struggle!

The B.J.P. coming in to power…They are (a) to hasten the process of labour laws codification (b) to hasten land […]

Sonbhadra Massacre Highlights the Perils of Semi-Feudal System for a Common Man

On 17th July,in Umbha village of sonbhadra district of UP more than 100 gun-wielding goondas..shot dead 10 poor people of […]