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An open letter from doctors Julian Assange “could die in prison”

The following letter was authored by more than 65 eminent medical doctors from the UK and around the world, calling […]

Palestina :People cannot be cheated by Trump’s Peace Plan

Throwing all the interim agreements into the dust bin and making mockery of the ongoing negotiations between the representatives of […]

NATO: Contention and Collusion

The French President Emanuel Macron in an interview with The Economist given in the first week of November last said: […]

Urban Farming : Cuba’s Response to Climate-Driven Food Crises

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, most of Cuba’s food supplies went with it. To stave off severe […]

US-backed Coup in Bolivia

South America’s most impoverished country; Bolivia is on the verge of a civil war in the wake of US-backed coup…[..]

Bolivia’s Free Territory of Chapare has ousted the coup regime and is bracing for a bloody re-invasion

Known as Bolivia’s Chapare region, the Tropico of Cochabamba is a sanctuary for elected President Evo Morales’ most dedicated base […]

Million March of Chilean People

On October 25th, 2019, Santiago city – the capital of Chile, a Latin American Country, has transformed itself into a […]

Death of ISIS Leader Baghdadi

Osama bin Laden -Al-Qaeda leader, a creation of imperialists had to die in the end because the imperialists had lost […]

The Berlin Wall : Exposing the Lies of Imperialism – Nikos Mottas

 For more than 29 years, within the framework of the anti-communist propaganda, the bourgeois historiography and media have been engaged […]

Students Solidarity March in Pakistan

This year, the students held a massive nationwide solidarity march in protest against the cuts in the Budget for education […]

Popular Protests in Iraq

On October 24, thousands of Iraqis, mostly young men and women, took to the streets in Baghdad and other cities […]

Israeli Communist Party: The Settlements is a War Crime Endorsed by the U.S

The Israeli Communist Party and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Al-Jabha/Hadash) condemn US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s […]