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Private Companies Make Their Moves into India’s Dairy Market

Private equity firms are playing a key role in facilitating the corporate take-over of India’s dairy sector.[..]

The Intensifying Menace of Right Reactionary Intolerance of Our Rulers

The administration of JNU too wanted to prove its loyalty to these communal forces in Power.[..]

Agro-Ecology : Z.B.N.F – Disguise to Cover up the Crisis

Zero Budget Natural Farming  (ZBNF), Firstly it is not the zero budget as the farmers has to buy the bio […]

Upper Caste Savagery

The deliberate murder of two dalit children at Shivpur in Madhya Pradesh by two Yadav brothers for defecating in the […]

Growing NPAs

…Since 2015, NPAs (Non-Performing-Assets) are increasing and reached to a stage of threatening the very existence of the Public Sector Banks […]

Coal Sector : Floodgates Opened for Foreign Capital

The Government of Narendra Modi allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) under automatic route for the sale of coal and […]

BJP-NDA Government for an out and out authoritarian rule!

But instead of tackling these shameful conditions and bettering the overall conditions of the people and their welfare, the B.J.P-NDA […]

Unlawful grabbing of forest lands by Baba Ramdev

The Patanjali group of companies founded by the ‘yoga guru’ Baba Ramdev…had unlawfully acquired more than 400 acres of forested […]

Justice Stifled

The entire country is aghast over the acquittal of all the six accused in the Pehlu Khan lynching case.[…]

Death Blow to Adivasis and Forest Dwellers Disguised as Conservation

Very recently Prime Minister Modi released the latest tiger population numbers….[..]

Unnao Case : Servility of our System in Protecting the Interests of Rich,….

The horrifying accident met by the teanager from Unnao in U.P who in 2017 became the victim of sexual assault […]

NATO Ally Status – A Noose around India’s Neck

In the last week of June, 2019,the US Senate has adopted a “National Authorization Bill-2020”which accords India the status of […]