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Kashmir : Shadow Boxing will Not Help

The Union Home Minister Amit Shaw had a two day  visit to Kashmir in the last week of June 2019. […]

The Onslaught of PEPSICO on the Farmer’s Rights – An Imminent Challenge to the Sovereignty of our Country

The recent episode of Pepsico India…dragging 4 petty potato farmers of Gujarat to court for allegedly growing  its registered potato […]

Justice – A Plaything in the Hands of Rulers and Ruling Parties!>

…The rulers would put the laws into vogue in a selective and differentiated manner where the innocent people are harassed […]

Walmart Corporation Resorts to Unethical Practices to Expand

Walmart , It not only exploits the labour power of its workers in various methods, deceives its  suppliers in different […]

The Peril or G.M. Foods

..In our country G.M. food cultivation is banned..and that there is no permission for cultivation of G.M foods or selling […]

Sonbhadra Massacre Highlights the Perils of Semi-Feudal System for a Common Man

On 17th July,in Umbha village of sonbhadra district of UP more than 100 gun-wielding goondas..shot dead 10 poor people of […]

BJP Government Penalises People for Its Fault

On coming to power in the states and at the centre the B.J.P. has been aggressively pushing its Hindutva religious […]

Distress of people as a vote bank for rulers

As the general elections are fast approaching, the ruling parties of every hue are promising every conceivable thing including ‘heaven’ […]

Reservations for EWS: Myth called Creation of Job and Educational Opportunities

In the dying moments of winter session of the Parliament, the Narendra Modi government moved 124th constitutional amendment to reserve […]

Karl Marx’s grave vandalized

The tomb of Karl Marx at London’s Highgate cemetery has been vandalized in a targeted attack that means the Grade-1 […]

Stop Evicting Adivasis from thier habitat

The Supreme Court has ordered the forced eviction of more than one million Adivasi and other forest-dwelling households from forest […]

CRZ Rules – 2018: Favour to Capitalists at the Cost of Fishing Communities

Through these new rules, the No Development Zone (NDZ) along the tidal-influenced water bodies has been reduced from 100 meters […]