Labour File Archive

The Shame of Manual Scavenging Continues

..According to the census of 2011, there are 1,82,505 families that are engaged in the manual scavenging in rural India […]

Automobile Sector : Workers Bear the Brunt – Foreign Owners Milk the Concessions

..On the other hand, the auto corporations have ruthlessly transferred the burden of the slowdown of sales on to the […]

Emigration : Pushed by Shrinking Employment

The number of international migrants in the world had reached to 272 million in 2019 which is 51 million more […]

Growing Unemployment

The Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) data, made public on May 31, 2019 clearly showed that the employment situation is […]

Strike of General Motor Workers in USA

About 48,000 workers belonging to all the plants of General Motors (GM) including the workers throughout USA are striking indefinitely […]

30 Days Strike of Ordinance Factory Workers

Opposing this anti-national decision of privatising (corporatisation) of ordinance factories of our country 82,000 workers and employees of 41 ordinance […]

The Modern-Day Child Slavery

…The rural poor are forced to mortgage their children for labour…such children mortgaged occurred in Banswara and Pratapgarh of Rajasthan.[..]

Ford Workers Are Fighting In Gujarat

On 20th June 2019, a Ford India worker in Sanand, Gujarat was sacked. In the last year, the workers of […]

The Plight of women Workers!

The women workers in textile and garment industry in Bangalore, Karnataka, In Tamilnadu, in AP in BRANDIX Company at Visakhapatnam […]

Workers shall Protect their Rights against exploitation through a Strong, United Struggle!

The B.J.P. coming in to power…They are (a) to hasten the process of labour laws codification (b) to hasten land […]

Yet Another Deception Played by the BJP Rulers against Unorganised Sector Workers!

Besides this, there is a more fundamental serious aspect those various pension schemes that did not come in to any […]

Dismantling of BSNL by the Government

BSNL employees and officers have observed a three-day country-wide strike from February 18 to 20, highlighting their long-pending issues.[…]