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Brewing Wage Struggle of Tea Plantation Workers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the tea exporting countries on a world scale. It has been earning much wanted foreign […]

Rat-hole Mining at the Cost of the Lives of Workers!

Meghalaya is one of India’s top ten states as far as coal reserves go. But despite the ban of coal […]

Capitalism The Blood Sucker of the Working Class

To state that capitalism and particularly the neo-liberal capitalism of imperialist globalisation thrives by sucking the blood of the working-class […]

The Plight of Fishing workers of AP Migrated to Gujarat

While the official A.P. administration estimates that there are around 12,000 fishing workers migrated from A.P. to Gujarat, according to […]

Unrest in Smart Phone Units in Noida

The handset companies are making huge profits by selling their products in the market of our country. But the conditions […]

Migrant Workers are being pushed into Permanent Vulnerability

Inter-state migration seeking jobs and lively-hoods is a stark reality of our modern-India. According to the 2011 census it is […]

Manual Scavengers The Forsaken Lot of Modern India

Even after 71 years of the so-called independent India, the feudal practice of manual scavenging is existent in our ‘civilized’ […]

The Disregarded Working Class

Our Country is supposed to be one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Democracy is supposed to be […]

The Farce of Creation and Alleviation of Unemployment

It has been amply established that the new-liberal economic policies imposed by the imperialist globalization has utterly failed in delivering […]

Railway Recruitment to Push Privatisation

The Railway Minister announced that his department will recruit to fill 90,000 vacant posts this year. The last recruitment came […]

Pathetic Conditions of Workers in India

India is supposed to be under rule of democratic system run by the majority of people.[…]

A Subterfuge for Legitimising Contract Labour

In the budget for 2018-19, Central Finance Minister announced the government’s decision to allow hiring of workers on fixed-term contracts […]